Diary of a Fit mommy

Body Positive Activewear? YES, PLEASE! Meet Tribe 35

It is no secret that when it comes to clothing-ESPECIALLY activewear-not every line is every body inclusive, sadly. As we grow our bodies change and I know mine certainly has-especially after becoming a mom. Sometimes, it’s just hard to feel comfortable in my own skin like I used to be in my twenties. This is why I highly praise Tribe 35 which is a brand started by two curvy gals!

What’s so great about them? They hand make every single one of our designs with the curvy woman in mind to ensure a beautiful silhouette and they remind me that just because you are curvy doesn’t mean you have to settle for less when it comes to your wardrobe. Also, I love the fact that all products are made in LA.

Tribe 35 activewear makes custom leggings with body shaping technology, to help you get the look you desire. In the 2 year process of engineering patent pending designs, they developed the 4 C’s to give women their choice in the fit of their leggings:

  • Compression: features maximum hold waistbands with ultra compression on your lower abdomen. Their body sculpting, built-in compression leggings fit like a glove. It lifts your butt, snatches your waist, and accentuates your curves. It’s moisture-wicking fabric promotes cooling throughout all your workouts.
  • Control: features ultra high, double layered waistbands that highly support your entire stomach. Its form retaining resilience helps achieve maximum support.
  • Comfort: features a looser fit made with buttery soft fabric and all way stretch for ultimate lounging. It’s sexy and casual for those Netflix n’ Chill sessions.
  • Contour: features body shaping style lines and designs to accentuate an hourglass figure with moderate compression on the hips.

I wanted to try Tribe 35 myself and put the 4 ‘C’s to the test so I snagged the Tribal Collection so that I could see what it was all about so I was happy to partner with them on this post.

The Tribal Bra

First thing is first-if you are tired and over boob sweat, this is the sports bra for you! This bra made from premium fabric that’s breathable and has a 4-way stretch. It offers the perfect amount of support and coverage without any spillage which can get super annoying.

The Tribal Legging

Can I just say how HARD it is to find leggings that are actually SQUAT PROOF? Well, these are! They are also breathable which is important (no butt sweat here) thanks to moisture wicking fabric. Like the matching sports bra, it is a 4-way stretch and is perfect for any activity.

Overall, I think the outfit was awsome quality and I thank Tribe 35 for gifting me! If you want to snag the collection yourself, you can! Use promo code SIA10 to get 10% off everything at Tribe 35 when you click here.

Your trainer and friend,