Body Positive Activewear? YES, PLEASE! Meet Tribe 35

It is no secret that when it comes to clothing-ESPECIALLY activewear-not every line is every body inclusive, sadly. As we grow our bodies change and I know mine certainly has-especially after becoming a mom. Sometimes, it's just hard to feel...

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My Favorite Plant Based Protein Shake

Since I have been in the fitness industry, finding a GOOD tasting planted based protein shake has been hard to find. There are good flavors out there, but most end up tasting chalky or gross. However, I did find a...

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Yes, They’re Period Undies!

We all need a little beauty for our booties.. especially when it is that time of the month! This is why I choose Proof period underwear ever since I ditched pads and tampons during my period. They have proven themselves...

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