Why I Removed My Breast Implants + One Week Post Explant (Breast Implant Illness)

In October 2011, I made the decision to get breast implants. I had lost around 45 lbs from changing my lifestyle and the breasts that I once had were non-existent. I wanted to feel feminine again and to make matters...

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How to Calculate Your Macros!

We recently discussed how to count your macros. But now, we are back for round two to find out how to calculate the right amount of macros for you! The thing with calculating, counting, and tracking your macros is that it is very...

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30 Days of Planksgiving: Plank Workout Challenge

Who's ready for a Planksgiving challenge? If your goal is to work on your abs, quads, and arms-this challenge is for you! Planks are an amazing exercise because they target multiple muscle groups in just one simple hard move. Starting...

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