Diary of a Fit mommy

An Open Letter to Dani Mathers

You guys have probably already heard about Miss Dani Mathers. To refresh your memory anger, she’s the pretty blonde Playboy Playmate who snapped a photo of a 70 year old lady trying to change in the gym locker room and captioned her photo with the words “If I can’t unsee this, than you can’t either.”

Since the photo went viral, she is now facing charges for posting this image which clearly invades this lady’s privacy. Everyone has an opinion on the matter, but I am here to voice mine-directed straight at Dani.

Dear Dani,

I know what you are thinking-I like everyone else in America hates you right now. No, I do not hate you. However, I am very disappointed in you.

Being somewhat famous and in the spotlight, you have been blessed with tons of people who choose to follow you on social media every day. With that blessing, you have ruined your ability to inspire, encourage, and to lift other women up. You have turned down the amazing chance to empower someone to look and feel their best. Instead, you make women feel insecure and disgusting when in reality, you are the disgusting one.

You are right, I cannot unsee that photo you posted. I cannot unsee it because it is a great reminder that mean girls like you still exist today. Mean girls like you are still using other women’s flaws to make yourselves feel better about your own flaws. Mean girls like you think it is so cute to pick on other women. How did you get this way? I will never even know.

Instead of encouraging that lady in the locker room, you mocked her. She was clearly an older adult and instead of cheering her on or sharing how amazing it was that she was even at the gym in the first place, you chose to condemn her. You invaded her safe place. You invaded her security. 

You are the prime reason why teenage girls and older women alike bend over their bathroom toilets to purge themselves after a snack, strictly count their calories, or refuse meals in order to strive for beauty. You are the prime reason why women hate themselves and their bodies. You are the reason why some women take their own lives.

You are a mean girl and I pray that my daughter will never befriend or encounter someone like you. I also pray that my daughter will never mirror your actions or personality.

As you sit around dealing with your legal issues now, I hope you truly sorry-not because you are about to possibly spend the next 6 months in prison, but because you really damaged this woman and what self esteem she had to make it to a gym in the first place. You used your popularity for the worst reasons. And now, for that, you are truly a mean, mean girl.


Your trainer and friend,