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5 Signs Your Workout Pants Are the Wrong Size

Have you ever been in the store trying on workout pants and been confused on which size to buy? Wearing the right size workout pants will keep you focused on your workout rather than being distracted with your clothes. Over at Senita Athletics, we have come up with 5 signs to look for to indicate whether your workout pants are too big or too small.


Baggy Crotch

This is the number one indicator that your compression workout pants are too big. If your tights are loose and baggy around your crotch, then try a size down or two. Excessive fabric in that area might cause chafing.

Falling Down

If your pants are falling down and needing to be pulled up constantly, the leggings are probably too big. You may want to consider your body type and try a higher waisted legging.

Loose Behind Knees

If the fabric behind your knees is baggy, this may be another indication that your pants are too big. A little wrinkling behind the knee is normal, but look for extra bunching fabric.


The “squat test” will help you know one of two things. If you squat down or bend over and you can see your underwear or skin on your rear, then your leggings are either too small or the fabric is too thin. Oftentimes, if your leggings do not pass the “squat test” then the fabric is not high enough quality to protect your backside from showing. Consider both the fabric quality and the overall fit of the pants.

Deep Marks On Your Skin

If you take off your workout pants after a workout and you have deep lines and marks on your legs and hips, this may be an indication that your leggings are too tight. Always consider your own comfort before you change sizes, but leggings that are too tight may restrict your movements.

By purchasing leggings with the right fit, you shouldn’t have to constantly pull up your pants or feel too restricted from any movement. Many boutique workout stores will help you find the right fit. If you purchase from Senita Athletics, feel free to email us if you need help finding your right size.




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