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5 Baby Steps to a Better Life

Life is hard. Life is so hard. I won’t deny that.. but what if I were to tell you that you had control over YOUR LIFE. Now, before I go any further, sure you do not have any control over what happens to you. BUT, you do have control over what you do for yourself.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was stuck in a loveless marriage, fighting a lifelong battle with body dysmorphia, suffering from thoughts of suicide, and hating my meager salary earning 9-5 career that I could barely live off of alone. Then… all of it changed. You know what finally happened one day? I realized I did not have to settle for shit.

I stopped feeling so sorry for myself and I decided to do something about it. Fastforward to four years later.. here I am, happily married to a great guy, have one beautiful son with a daughter on the way, the healthiest I have ever been mentally & physically, and now I own my own business making over $20,000 a month.

I want you to know that the same can happen for you. You CAN have a better life. It does not happen overnight, but it can happen someday. All it takes are a few baby steps.


5 Baby Steps to a Better Your Life

Let go of the past. Charles R. Swindoll once said that “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it.” Boy was he ever so right.

The past has a wonderful yet bizarre way of controlling our future. It can haunt us and live us bitter.. Trust me-I was bitter for a long time against my ex-husband. He did not help me in our marriage and I was left with thousands of dollars worth of credit card debt from purchases he rang up in my name. When we split, I let him take every little penny (my nice couch, my big tv, my wedding ring that I basically bought myself) I owned because I just wanted out. I was left angry and humiliated. How did I let this creep control everything?

Eventually, I let go of that anger. Don’t get me wrong-it took time! But today, I wish him the best and I honestly do not wish to see him go down in flames anymore (lol). I got every little thing that I lost back and then some. I got a nicer couch, a bigger tv, a bigger wedding ring (not like that matters much), and more! But putting those materialistic things aside… I got a BETTER HUSBAND and MY KIDS out of it. I let go of the hate and I got LOVE in return. All because I let go of the past to create a brighter future for myself.

You guys, holding a grudge does not hurt the person you are grudging against-it only hurts yourself. Yes, it hurts when you have been wrong. My goodness, this pain is so real! But you have GOT to LET GO in order to MOVE ON.

Believe life can be better and it will. Wanna know why a lot of people’s lives never get better? They never believe that it can be! Your mind controls a lot of how you think and feel. How you think and feel often controls the choices you make and your actions. If you stay positive and truly believe there’s something or someone better for you out there, it will happen. If you just mope around and say “Oh, I will never find someone better than him” or “I will never find a job I love” then expect that you won’t. As simple as that. You control your happiness. I REPEAT: YOU CONTROL YOUR HAPPINESS, NOT OTHERS. You also control your life, too… unless you married to a controlfreak then get out NOW!

Let’s talk health and fitness wise for a second. If you are overweight or not where you would like to be, you could be thinking “Oh, I will never get a body like Jamie Eason.” Trust me, I thought the same thing too when I was pushing 150lbs. So, for the longest time, I still did not workout and I still kept eating my Burger king and hating my body more and more each day. Then one day, I got this sudden urge of inspiration and I told myself I was going to do it and that I COULD GET FIT! And four years later… so I did!

Out with the old, in with the new. You are stuck at that desk job making barely enough money to survive on your own. I totally feel you because I have been there (though mine wasn’t a desk job). I hated my nursing career as an LPN. It literally drained me and I was so unhappy to go to work everyday because it was not my calling. For the longest time, I dreaded going to work and I thought I was simply stuck in this routine that I wanted nothing part of. Then suddently… I decided to hell with it-I quit. I decided to go do something that I loved which was pursuing a career in health & fitness (eventually becoming a NASM certified personal trainer). It was a bold move, but if you want to better your life, you have got to do some spring cleaning in the areas that no longer bring you happiness.

Another example: family and friends. Oooohh gotta love that topic. I encourage you to get rid of all the negative, toxic people in your life-yes, that sometimes includes family members. I have done it and it was hard to do, but you just need to do it in order to keep yourself sane. When it comes to picking friends, choose a friend who lifts you up and claps when you succeed. Not the jealous one who whispers your failures behind your back. We all know those, right? Like I said, out with the old, in with the new. Clean out that Facebook feed and start fresh.

Make a plan. The best way to make changes in your life towards a better future is to make a game plan. Notice how in football, the coach always makes a plan with his team so that they will know what to do, when to do it, and how to accomplish their goal. Well, people, life is not different!

With a solid plan, written or typed, you are less likely to fail-studies have shown this. If you are unhappy in a relationship or marriage, write down ways to either fix it or get the hell out. If you are unhappy working that job, start making a to-do list that includes surding for available jobs, building your resume, and researching what type of job would even make you happy to begin with! If you wanna lose weight, write down a clean eating grocery list and go shopping! If you are suffering from depression and want to find happiness, make a list of things that cause your depression to worsen and eliminate it all. Then make a list of things that will make you happier (including speaking to a doctor because depression is no joke-I know this).

With a plan, you are 50% less likely to fail because it gives you less of an excuse to. Get out that pen and paper and jot your plan down!

Don’t take life too seriously. Lastly, but not least, realize some things in life just happen and you have got to roll with the punches. Sure, you can control yourself, but the truth is that you cannot control others and what they may do so take it all with a grain of salt.

Your trainer and friend,