Diary of a Fit mommy

30 Day Water Challenge

No matter how many times you hear that water is totally good for you, we STILL fail to meet the minimum requirements for water intake daily.

Personally, I hate the taste of water.. because.. well.. it has no taste at all. Since adding fresh fruits such as lemon and strawberry to my water, I have actually learned to love drinking it more and more.

I want to ask you a serious question and I want you to really think about your answer: Are you drinking enough water each day? I mean… are you really?

If not, then I challenge you to a 30 day water drinking challenge. They say the minimum requirement is 8 tall glasses of water per day. I will hold you accountable to that!

Why drink water? Not only does it regulate all bodily processes, and I mean ALL of them, it can help lose those stubborn last few pounds if you have hit a weightloss plateau. And since it’s the holidays-why not?

Below is your challenge. It is a free printable and if you would like to pin it on Pinterest, all you have to do is hover your mouse over the image to pin it to your board for easy access and keeping!

So… are you in? Let me know on Instagram and tag me with your glass of water @diaryofafitmommyofficial!


Your trainer and friend,