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2 Week Water Challenge Update

If you’ve been keeping up to date with my blog you’ll see that I started the “PureLYFT 2 Week Water Challenge”, 2 weeks ago now.

So that means that I’m now finished! Woohoo!

The challenge was super simple: I could only drink water for two weeks. 

After having finished the challenge, I wanted to give you a quick update on what the water challenge has been like and the changes I have felt in my body over the past two weeks.

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How did it go?

It was great!

For me, I think the most noticeable thing is that my skin is clearer. Spots, blemishes and blackheads have all disappeared and I feel like my skin is glowing.

Next thing I noticed is that I feel less bloated and I think that also shows physically when I look in the mirror. In fact, I hopped on the scales and the results speak volumes. Over the past two weeks I have lost three pounds without putting in any extra effort in the gym or changing how I eat. This is all down to just drinking water.

The final big thing that I noticed is that I have far, far more energy. I thought that I was quite good at staying properly hydrated, but I’m obviously not as good as I thought. I’ve not had any headaches, upset stomachs or little, niggly illnesses that you just put up with over the last week. Really, I just feel good overall.

It hasn’t always been easy. There are a couple of downsides, but nothing that wasn’t manageable. One thing is for sure – I am glad I was allowed to spice up the water with infusions and the flavored PureLYFT sticks also made a huge difference. I love a cool, clean, crisp glass of ice cold water as much as the next person, but after an entire two weeks of the same thing it would have gotten pretty dull. So, being able to go for some of my favorite infused waters, like kiwi and strawberry water, made a big difference when I needed a different flavour.

The other downside, I miss my coffee. It was no problem to go two weeks without a glass of wine or a classy cocktail, but two whole weeks without a coffee might just have been impossible if I didn’t have the PureLYFT caffeinated stir sticks to give me a little pick me up when I needed it most.

Here’s What other People Said

Thank you so much to everyone that has sent me messages to tell me how they have been getting on with their own water challenges. It’s great to hear that so many of you have also decided to take part.

To thank everyone writing in and hopefully encourage a few more of you to take part, here is how some of the other participants are feeling after one week of the challenge:

“The water challenge was extremely successful for me! I feel like my skin is more vibrant and I have noticed less acne on my face and back. I also feel like I have more energy from drinking a gallon a day.” – Ashley

“After doing the water challenge I have decided to continue to try drinking a gallon a day. My face feels more plump and I noticed that the bags under my eyes are almost gone! The water challenge really helped me realize just how much sugar I was putting into my body daily from beverages.” – Joanna

“I like to pride myself in being a healthy person. When I heard about this water challenge I decided to give it a go as I have heard about all the health benefits. After the challenge I can confirm that drinking this much water does help your skin. Personally, my skin felt softer after the 3rd day! This is a great challenge to help cut out unneeded sugar.” – Claire

“Me and my husband are in our 40’s I am always trying to do my best with what I put in my body, as it is definitely not as easy to keep off the lbs. as it used to.  I managed to get him to take up the “Water Challenge” (yep he gave up alcohol, sports drinks and coffee – those are his 3 vices, as well as any other liquids).  We made it a little side wager between the two of us:  Who could actually complete it, and who would lose the most!!” – Steph

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