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2 Week Water Challenge + Giveaway with pureLYFT

One of the worst things you can do to gain weight without even realizing you are doing it is to drink your calories.

There are 140 calories in a can of Coca-Cola, 190 calories in a tall Starbuck’s Chai Latte and around 90 calories in a glass of white wine. Not to mention the sugar that sends your energy levels soaring and then dropping like a stone throughout the day.

On top of that proper hydration can leave you in a better mood and fully prepared for your workouts.

With that in mind, I’m enrolling in pureLYFT to take the 2 week water challenge.

pureLYFT 2 Week Water Challenge

The idea behind the challenge is fun and simple:

  1. Drink water and only water for two weeks.
  2. No soda, no coffee, no juicing. Only water.

Whoever said drinking water had to be boring?

However, the thought of only drinking water for two weeks could be a little boring so I am allowed to add a little bit of a pick me up (and a little bit of flavor) by adding a pureLYFT clean caffeine stir stick to my water.

It comes in 4 flavors – orange, lemon-lime, mixed berry and original – and contains caffeine from un-roasted green coffee beans, a tiny little bit of Stevia, and vitamins A and B. It is soooo good.

With zero calories and nothing artificial it’s the perfect way to liven up my drinks for the next two weeks without taking away from the challenge.

Why Take On the Challenge?

There are a number of potential benefits of drinking only water and staying properly hydrated. I want to test the theory out and see if I feel a difference in myself over the next two weeks.

Some of the things that are supposed to happen are as follow:

  • Lose Weight – By cutting out drinks with sugar and extra calories in them then there is definitely a good chance of losing weight.
  • More Energy – Making sure you are properly hydrated fights fatigue and allows you to focus on the tasks you are working on be it a new workout or writing this article.
  • Better Skin – Drinking more water helps clear out toxins from the skin. This can get rid of redness, blotchiness, blackheads and acne and allows the skin to glow.
  • Better Digestion – A well hydrated body gets rid of toxins faster allowing your body to function as it should and get rid of bloating.
  • Stop Overeating – If we don’t drink enough water our cells send signals to our brain saying we are hungry, not thirsty. This causes us to overeat and gain unneeded weight.
  • Slow Aging – Giving our organs enough water to function means that they don’t need to work as hard leaving you looking and feeling younger for longer.
  • Feel Better – Drinking enough water has been shown to put you in a positive frame of mind.

If you are trying to get your beach body ready for the summer then join in and take part in the challenge. You can follow my progress on Facebook and Instagram and also share your progress with me.

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