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15 Minute Prenatal Abs & Core Workout

You guys have requested an easy home prenatal abs workout and I am so excited to announce that I have created one just for you!

I am officially 22 weeks along and though the pains are coming on strong, my workouts have not lessened up a bit! Working out has truly helped my growing pains and it honestly makes me feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically at the end of the day.


I do not typically work my abs during pregnancy-at least not very often. I didn’t with my first pregnancy either! However, many women are curious about what ab moves are safe for pregnancy and so I have put together an ab workout that you can literally do through every trimester-without a worry. Now, with that being said, *disclaimer*: please consult with your OB or primary doctor before attempting any exercise!

In case you are wondering where I got this CUTE workout outfit from, you can find the mesh capris and sports bra here.

15 Minute Prenatal Abs & Core Workout

Bird Dogs: 3 sets of 10 reps (each side)



Get on all fours and tighten your abdominal muscles, keeping your spine and neck in a neutral position. Slowly extend your left leg behind you while reaching your right arm forward. Hold for five seconds. Slowly return to the starting position and do the move on the opposite side.

Standing Side Crunches: 3 sets of 10 reps (each side)



Stand with your feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent and the core engaged. Lift the right leg, bending the knee at a 90 degree angle turning the thigh out to the sidePlace your hands slightly either side of your head, do not lock your fingers or pull the head. Crunch your right elbow to the right knee. Keep the chest lifted and a neutral spine as to not bend forward to much. Switch legs and repeat

Modified Leg Extensions: 3 sets of 10 reps



Laying on your back, prop your arms up at the elbows. Pull your knees inward towards your body and kick both legs out, returning back to the inward position. Continue this motion to complete the desired reps.

Modified Flutter Kicks: 3 sets of 10 reps



Start by lying flat on your back on a mat. Prop your arms up behind you at your sides. Extend your legs fully out with a slight bend in your knees. Lift your heels about 6 inches off the floor. Make small, rapid up and down scissor-like motions with your legs for 15 seconds.

Side Plank Lifts: 3 sets of 10 reps (each side)



Lie on your side. Position yourself on your bottom elbow and the side of your foot. Lift your hips in the air, forming a straight line between your ankles, hips, and shoulders. Brace your abs and squeeze your glutes. With your weight supported on the elbow and side of the foot, lower your hips to the floor. Pause, and then return to the starting position.

Here’s a full length video of this workout demonstating all of the moves for you: 

Good Prego exercises on here! Strengthening your core helps to support your baby weight and low back.

These are great alternatives to regular ab exercises. I need to remember these!



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