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0-6 Months Sick Baby Wellness Must Haves Kit

It is almost winter time and with this wonderful season comes snotty noses, coughs, and the dreaded flu. With my daughter being 4 months old, I am making sure I am prepared for whatever comes our way this winter by stocking up on my favorite baby wellness must haves. These are things that I used with my son and therefore I KNOW they are wonderful to have on hand.

Make your life easier and invest in the following lifesavers for your baby and toddler:

  1. NoseFrida: I have been using the “Snotsucker” for almost 3 years now! Throw away the bacteria, mold-filled bulbs and try this. The idea sounds gross, but it works like a charm. You won’t go back to anything else-promise.
  2. iProven Forehead Thermometer: Who else hates taking your kiddo’s temp anally? It is so hard to do and also it tends to be a bit invasive, though it is known to be the most accurate way. BUT, technology has come a pretty long way and now, luckily, there are more accurate thermometers of all kinds. I love the iProven forehead thermometer because it is fast and not as invasive as other methods. If your kid won’t go for this, you can always try the Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer. Who ever invented this thing was a pure genius.
  3. Munchkin Pacifier Dispenser: What kid wants to take icky cold medicine? Yeahhh, not mine. This pacifier actually holds a dose of medicine underneath so when your child goes to suck on it, it gets all of it before she or he knows what just happened! Got an older child who won’t take the pacifier? Here is a genius medicine dispensing sippy cup that works in the same fashion! No more harassing your kiddos to take their meds-yay!
  4. Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier: There’s really no huge brand that is greater than the other here, but I personally love my Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier. We actually own two of these, one being Freddy the Frog for my son. I notice when ours is running at night, my son coughs less.
  5. Diaper Rash/Skincare Wellness: I have tried everything when it comes to skincare with my daughter. Unlike my son who was totally fine, she tends to have eczema which has been difficult. I have been using the Hydration Ointment from Baby Pibu and it is amazing, being developed by a dermatologist mama. I also love their diaper rash cream and special gentle scalp lather that targets cradle cap.
  6. Boogie Wipes: Okay, these wipes are amazing. They are soaked in saline solution to not only soothe your kiddos noses, but it also helps to dissolve boogers. It also soothes, moisturizes, and is hypoallergenic. My favorite is the grape scent, but you can get the unscented if that is what you prefer.
  7. Sniffle Support: This natural product helps to normalize mucus production and supports the upper respiratory system. They also contain immune boosting elderberry. You just give them a few drops, according to their age, and the drops help to calm inflammation to the sinus cavities naturally. Ages 0 months to 13 years can use this product!



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