The #1 Way to Get Rid of Love Handles aka the “Muffin Top”

November 22, 2015

The “muffin top” has gone from most-loved breakfast item on Seinfeld to the most-despised body part of women everywhere. What you should know is: those classic crunches you’re doing? They’re not working.

To get rid of muffin top, simply working the front of your abs is not enough. With a combination of a proper diet and cardio, the key to melting that muffin top is actually by targeting your lower back. By strengthening your lower back, your waistline will pull in.

After your usual ab workout, flip over on your stomach and work the opposing muscles with this simple exercise.




Work your lower back!
♡ On a rug or mat, lie down flat on your stomach, keeping your arms & legs extended.
♡ Keeping your torso stationary and your arms & legs straight, simultaneously lift your arms & legs off the floor and toward the ceiling, forming a “u” shape with your body. Your back will arch as you lift several inches off the floor.
♡ Hold for a count of 20, then rest for a count of 20 to complete one rep. Begin with a set of 5 reps.
♡ When complete, go into your regular stretching.

This exercise should be done three times a week, of course, in addition to your cardio sessions and regular ab work.



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