My New Home Gym!

November 19, 2016

We have finally almost settled into our new home and boy have I got a confession: my workouts have been slacking. With the move, vacationing to Hawaii for 10 days, catching up on work, and finally unpacking the house, it seems as if my workouts have been of the lowest priority. Sigh. 

While we unpacked and set up our new home, I was super giddy about setting up my new home gym in particular. I had picked out the perfect little room for it, but I ran into one issue-the flooring is wooden. About 90% of our flooring in the new home is made up of real wood actually. I was so worried about scratching the new floors with gym equipment so I felt pretty beat down about what to do.

Luckily, I thought immediately to invest in a good rubber gym flooring for my home gym-like the ones you see at the gym. I needed something that would protect my wooden floor from scratches and dents caused by free weights and absorbs shock and vibration from cardio equipment. I also wanted a flooring that was not cheap and that matched my home to look good.

Here is the finished result:



I decided to go with and I gotta tell you that I am so happy that I did! They been in the business since 1997, have a true passion and vast knowledge for the fitness products that they offer, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Not only do they supply flooring for your home gym, they also offer a large array of home gym equipment such as kettlebells, free weights, plyo boxes, medicine balls, and even yoga mats! Oh yeah-everything is made in the good ole’ USA to support our hard-working men and women.

I contacted to chat about which mat would be best for me and they replied instantly with helpful tips. Within minutes, they helped me decide which type of flooring, what color, and what size to go with based off my new home and the type of gym equipment that would be going on that mat. Most people do not realize that you cannot use just any ole’ mat or you can hurt your floor or equipment so it is great to talk to a professional.

Before setting up my home gym, I had to install my floor mats first. I chose the Loktuff Vulcanized Garage Gym Puzzle Tile Flooring Kits in the color Glacier-White in the 8’x12′ size. This size fit about 70% of the entire guest bedroom which was perfect because I only needed enough room to lift and to place some equipment pieces on.

There are many great colors to choose from that offer between 25-35% total color content which allows you to match your existing décor much easier. I loved the color I chose as my walls and blinds are white, but I honestly do not think you can go wrong with ANY color.


The material of  the mat is a high tensile strength vulcanized rubber that has a smooth finish, is easy to clean, is not porous, and will not harbor bacteria. This will come in handy for when my daughter spits up while playing on the floor as I do my weighted squats. No, really.

The crumb rubber used to produce this product is derived and recycled from used truck tires that are diverted from our landfills so it is extremely eco-friendly. Very cool, right??

Something that I immediately noticed right away was how easy it was to install! The pieces snap together like a big puzzle with no need for adhesive because they are specifically cut for a tight, clean look. The built-in beveled edges not only look good, they protect you from tripping over yourself.
You literally need nothing to install these pieces, but the pieces themselves. However, I would recommend investing in some plastic floor covering such as Visqueen from your local hardware store to help protect from any possible floor discoloration from the mats (rubber flooring is derived from petroleum, it can stain over time).
I also liked the fact that there was hardly any smell or odor from the rubber which instantly means it is high-grade.

Thank you so much for helping to educate and supply me with the perfect gym flooring for my new home gym! Check out all of their flooring options for your own home gym by clicking here. You won’t be sorry!



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