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Healing My Dry Eyes with Rohto

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Rohto. The opinions and text are all mine.

Lately, I have been suffering from dry eye issues-something I never would’ve have thought could happen to me at such a young age. I work behind a computer for much of the day so my eyes are constantly open and I will forget to blink while being in the zone. Also, being the millennial that I am, I am constantly glued to my phone.

I went to the doctor’s office a few months ago and my vision was fine, but they did mention that I suffered from dye eye. After this diagnosis, I began to look for some options to treat it. The problem might seem so minute, but it got very annoying fast and affected my daily activities, including work and working out.

But then I found Rohto Dry-Aid Eye Drops and I realized that suffering from dry-eye didn’t mean that I had to stop doing what I loved.

Rohto is a non-blurry tear repair formula clinically shown to provide longer lasting relief vs. the leading brand. However, Rohto Dry-Aid helps restore the natural tear film to create a uniform moisture shield that’s clinically shown to provide superior comfort and soothe for up to 12 hours while addressing the 5 key symptoms of dry eye:

  1. dryness
  2. irritation
  3. grittiness
  4. burning
  5. stinging

What I love about Rohto is that this isn’t your average eye drops-they actually soothe irritated eyes to make you look more refreshed and it actually works pretty fast unlike other brands. However, the results are consistent and continuous-it really does last up to 12 hours for me! This is handy dandy being a mom-zombie going on little sleep sometimes. I have been keeping the drops in my purse to refresh before meetings or dinners so I will look more lively and, most of all, feel better. I actually bought my husband some since he suffers from allergies year round and he has been in love ever since.

Rohto Dry-Aid is currently available at major retail locations where over-the-counter dry eye drops are sold and online at the Rohto website. Visit the site and grab a $2 off coupon for your drops to try them for yourselves.

Your trainer and friend,