Curbing Hunger While Grocery Shopping

July 17, 2016

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Pure Protein. All opinions are my very own.

Does grocery shopping make anyone else incredibly “hangry” during the process? I cannot be the only one who wants to eat everything I put into my cart or even off the shelves! I usually try to make sure that I eat a meal prior to going so I won’t be so hungry, but sometimes it doesn’t even matter.

They say that grocery shopping while you are hungry can be a very bad idea because you are actually more likely to spend more money. Not only that, it could also lead to you filling your basket or cart with high calorie foods that you normally wouldn’t eat.

A recent Cornell study proved this theory when 68 participants (who had not eaten between 12pm-5pm) were asked to shop online in a virtual grocery store. For every higher-calorie food item — candy, salty snacks, red meat — there was a lower-calorie alternative — fruits, veggies, and chicken breasts. Half of the participants were told to eat crackers before shopping for groceries and the other half shopped on an empty tummy.

The results? The participants who shopped on an empty stomach chose more high-calorie items compared to the ones who ate prior to going out.


Here are my tips for developing a smart grocery shopping strategy:

  • Make a list (and do not forget it.) Most people know to make a grocery list when going shopping, but some folks still have not gotten the memo that writing things down can really help you get what you need without forgetting anything! I use a free iPhone app to make my grocery list instead of using pen and paper-it is so convenient and easy. That way, there is no way I can forget my list because it’s on my phone.. and who leaves the house without their phone? Also, making a list helps me to stick to what I need and not what I am just craving.
  • Clip coupons. I am a huge deal seeker! I am always searching for coupons in newspapers and online because they really do add up to help you save. Depending on where you shop, try searching for the best deals or viewing the weekly ad. For Walmart, they have the Savings Catcher. For Target, there’s Cartweel. For Publix, they have an awesome weekly ad with tons of BOGO free items. But for us as a military family, we love shopping at our local commissary and using their convenient iPhone app for their very own coupons.
  • Start with the produce. Produce can be so fickle so I love hitting up this section first. I mean, you have to go through the most trouble here of bagging each produce item individually so why not tackle the hard stuff first? Also, produce is the healthiest of the groceries you will need to get so load up here.
  • Save frozen for last. Depending on how far you’ve got to drive, ending with the frozen section is always a smart idea to help keep your foods cold for a longer period of time. We don’t want that ice cream melting, right?
  • Pack a snack. Grocery shopping makes me HUNGRY! If you are like me, you feel like grabbing everything off of the shelves and eating them in an instant. This is why I always pack a Pure Protein bar to help keep hunger at bay while I stay focused on my shopping. Pure Protein Bars offer between 19-21 grams of pure whey protein, with only 3 grams or less of sugar depending on the flavor and they are the ultimate snack for a hungry mom. Protein is amazing at helping you stay full for a longer period of time. This is also a nice little postpartum companion for when you get your doctor’s clear to workout again!

Life is filled with derailers, but there’s no reason to be thrown off track. Pack a healthy snack and get back in the game!

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