My Vacation Weight Gain + 3 Day Reset

September 17, 2015

I am finally back from vacationing at Walt Disney World and BOY it was a lot of fun! It was sooo much fun, that I kinda got a little bit carried away and enjoyed a LOT of good food. Too much good food.  After all,…

Welcome to the New Site!

Hello and welcome to Diary of a Fit Mommy! If you are a current follower and would like to still access our old site-no worries! It will still and always be there. If you are a new follower and would like to browse past articles…

Diary of a Fit Mommy’s 14 Day Lean Legs Challenge

August 21, 2015

Diary of a Fit Mommy's 14 Day Lean Legs Challenge Day 1: 10 High Knees/15 Calf Raises/20 Plie Squats Day 2: 15 High Knees/20 Calf Raises/25 Plie Squats Day 3: 20 High Knees/25 Calf Raises/30 Plie Squats Day 4: REST DAY Day 5: 25 High Knees/30 Calf Raises/35…