3 Day Flat Belly Beginner’s Workout Challenge

October 12, 2015

Are you new to working out and have little equipment or time to make it to a gym? Here's a perfect 3 day ab challenge for you to try that is perfect for beginners and for easing you into a new home workout program. For…

How to Lose Thigh Fat + 7 Best Inner Thigh Exercises

October 10, 2015

My thighs have always been a trouble area. From the time that puberty hit, the fat just loved to cling in that particular area. Whenever I gain the slightest amount of weight, guess where it happens to hang out? My thighs! Being female, it is…

My Favorite {Yet SAFE} First Trimester Pregnancy Workouts

October 9, 2015

I have been working out way before I knew I was pregnant with my second baby. And to be honest, nothing has really changed lately. I have upped my cardio by 10 minutes, but other than that, my routine is the same! You have asked…