4 Safe Exercises for the First Trimester of Pregnancy

October 30, 2015

During pregnancy, it seems so confusing hearing all of the twisted information our there when it comes to fitness. So, what can you do and what shouldn't you do exactly? Well, it all changes from trimester to trimester, but no matter what, I have a…

Our Maui Trip + Going On Vacay With a Toddler!

October 29, 2015

Aloha! I am back from my week long vacation in Maui, Hawaii. Boy, oh, BOY am I jet-laggedd to hell and back. I am from Florida so the time difference was bout 5 hours for me so I am slacking today as we just got…

PREGNANCY: 10 Week Bump Update

October 28, 2015

Hi guys! I just got back in from my vacation to Hawaii last night. I am a bit late on my bump update so I figured I would go ahead and get it done :) Forgive me for my sleepy look in advance. How far…

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