8 Exercises You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

November 16, 2015

While pregnant, there are a few exercises that should be avoided. Some exercises can cut off your circulation while others can put you at risk for falling or getting hit in the tummy. Then, there are some exercises that can even cause Diastasis Recti! Here…

The Newest Way to Predict Your Baby’s Gender as Early as 10 Weeks!

November 13, 2015

Hi ladies! I know that a lot of you who are pregnant are so eager to find out what you are having as soon as possible. Honestly? I do NOT blame you. Which is why I decided to give Intelligender a try! Intelligender is the…

Naked Choc PB Banana Muffins

The following recipe is a great way to start the morning or to treat yourself throughout the day. Naked Choc PB contains powdered peanut butter, which has less fat and calories than regular peanut butter, and contains a good bit of protein as well. In…