A 12-Week Fitness Program to Lose Fat and Get Lean

January 2, 2016

Have you been longing for the type of slim and trim body that only a personal trainer can deliver? Have you struggled to turn your goals into reality in the past? Instead of setting yourself up for failure once again, use the Kiqplan coaching app to give you the motivation and expert advice you’ve been lacking.

Too many people start a health and fitness drive with the best of intentions, only to revert back to their old ways after just a few weeks. Part of the reasons for this is that many of these people fail to take a holistic approach to losing weight – and this is where Kiqplan comes in.

Kiqplan is different

There are countless fitness apps on the market. Many of them will simply monitor the steps you take, the calories you consume and the sleep you get. This data is then presented to you via an app – which is where the help usually ends.

Kiqplan is different. This intuitive digital coaching app acts as a personal trainer over a 12-week fitness and healthy eating regime. So, instead of forking out hundreds of pounds a year for the services of a personal trainer, you can get the long-term health and fitness guidance you need for a fraction of the price of just one session with a personal trainer.

Pairs seamlessly with leading activity trackers

In order to get started on the pathway to health and fitness, all you need to do is pair your Kiqplan app with your favourite activity tracker. All Kiqplan programmes are compatible with the latest Android and Apple mobile devices, as well as the Fitbug fitness tracker.

Kiqplan uses the personal data you enter, along with the activity data sent from your chosen tracker, to tailor an exercise and diet plan that will be specific to your needs. Information regarding your sleep, calorie intake and activity is used to identify your particular fitness and dietary needs. You’ll then be sent workout videos, nutritious recipes and lifestyle tips aimed at meeting your weight loss and fitness goals within 12 weeks.

Choose from nine 12-week programmes

There are nine different Kiqplan programmes to choose from, so whatever your health and fitness goal, there’s a plan for you:

  • Slim + Trim – for women who want to improve their body shape and get toned
  • Beer Belly Blaster – for men who want to shed their beer belly and lose weight
  • Fit & Healthy – for men and women of all ages who simply want to improve their overall wellbeing
  • Your First 5K – for beginners who want to get in shape for their first 5K run
  • 10K Run Ready – for people who want to take on a 10k run
  • Bikini Hot – for women who want to get more toned in time for beach season
  • Sun’s Out, Guns Out – for men who want to tone up and increase their muscle definition in time for beach season

The support you need, when you need it

Kiqplan weight loss and fitness programmes are a lot of fun. As well as setting you an ultimate goal related to weight loss, body shape or fitness, each digital coaching app will also set you interim goals along the way. When you work hard and meet your targets, Kiqplan rewards you with performance badges.

But don’t worry if you fall short, as Kiqplan is always there to give you the advice and guidance needed to get you back on course for hitting your main goal by the end of the 12-week programme.

Help from the experts without the price-tag

You can rely on the information given to you by your Kiqplan digital coach because it has been developed by leaders in their field. Personal trainers, fitness experts, dietitians and lifestyle gurus have all played their part in developing this revolutionary app – so your wellbeing, health and fitness are in the best possible hands.

Kiqplan: Your 12 Week Digital Coach Fitness App by Kiqplanehd


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