30 Day Squat Challenge

September 22, 2015

Are you ready for a new squat challenge? It has been a while since I have done mini challenges so I thought it would be great to start them back up for fall and winter! After all, who really wants to go outside when it is blistering cold? NOT ME! I rather workout indoors with challenges such as the one below!

This is your new 30 day squat challenge. You can begin ANY day.


Here is your schedule! Feel free to tag me in your challenge on Instagram or Facebook so that I know how you are doing!

Day 1: 5o Squats

Day 2: 60 Squats

Day 3: 70 Squats

Day 4: 80 Squats


Day 6: 90 Squats

Day 7: 100 Squats

Day 8: 110 Squats

Day 9: 120 Squats

Day 10: REST DAY

Day 11: 130 Squats

Day 12:140 Squats

Day 13: 150 Squats

Day 14: 160 Squats

Day 15: REST DAY

Day 16: 170 Squats

Day 17: 180 Squats

Day 18: 190 Squats

Day 19: 200 Squats

Day 20: REST DAY

Day 21: 210 Squats

Day 22: 220 Squats

Day 23: 230 Squats

Day 24: 240 Squats

Day 25: REST DAY

Day 26: 250 Squats

Day 27: 260 Squats

Day 28: 270 Squats

Day 29: 280 Squats

Day 30: REST DAY

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